About Us

Welcome to Lanciano Imports, Inc.!

As a wine importer and distributor, Lanciano Imports, Inc. owns the relationship between the vineyard and you, our customer. We take pride in working with high quality vineyards who might otherwise be unable to sell their wines in the USA. As many vineyards continue to consolidate their business, many family run wineries have a daunting task to remain in the business making way for larger wine producers to capture a greater share of the market. Our goal is to provide a deep portfolio of wine from around the world by working with high quality estate producers and create a channel for them to extend their footprint in restaurants, clubs, wine bars and wine-centric retail establishments here in the USA.


Our unique brands enable us to enjoy exclusivity and have access to significant positions with the small production levels. Truth be told, many of the wines we sell can only be bought through our channel.  Through this, our customers reap the benefits as they can access wines that have high quality and great value for the price.

At Lanciano Imports, Inc., we also hold ourselves to a high standard and work hard to represent a deep portfolio that we provide personal attention and value added service to. For example:  

  • For our vineyards; we work to maintain a deep knowledge of your brand, your varietals, your terroir, your winery team and wine-making philosophy which we then transfer into the minds and palates of our customers and their service staff. This consultative approach enables us to instill peace of mind and confidence for service staff to promote and sell our portfolio labels as opposed to recommending others. 

  • For our customers; our personal approach to our portfolio allows us to educate you about every brand and the winemakers philosophy and style. This is done through tastings, server education and showcasing the unique attributes that each winery and their varietals possess. 


Taste for yourself!